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Interface Enhancements for 2010

LexisNexis released a significant update to the LexisNexis Academic interface beginning in January 2010. The most dramatic changes are in the color scheme, the navigation menu, and the Easy Search form. The most significant changes are highlighted below.

Additional content was added for an Environmental Studies search form. Other than this, there is no change to the content.


Navigation Changes

The navigation system has been transformed so that all options are presented in a single menu at the left of the screen. Clicking on heading such as "News" or "US Legal" will cause the section below it to expand and reveal navigation options. The headings are slightly different from the divisions used in the old navigation system:

  • "Legal" has been split into "US Legal" and "International Legal"
  • "Business" has been replaced by "Companies"
  • "Subject Areas" is a new header

Links to some search forms have been moved around a bit

  • "Country Profiles" has been moved from the former "Business" tab onto the Easy Search form
  • "Accounting" has been moved from the form "Business" tab under the "Subject Areas" header
  • "People" has been moved from having its own tab to being a widget on the Easy Search form
  • "Find a Source" is now available under the main "Sources" header instead of as 2nd-level option
  • "Federal & State Codes" has been split into separate forms for "Federal" and "State"

Search Forms with Important Changes

The most dramatic change is the home page for LexisNexis Academic, the Easy Search form. It has been redesigned to provide quick access to the most commonly used content. Follow the links below for information on it and the other forms with important changes.

Search Forms Added


US Legal

International Legal

Subject Areas

Help Text

As part of this update, the traditional help system in LexisNexis Academic will be replaced by articles on this wiki. This change will make it easier for LexisNexis staff to add help articles as needed and will consolidate the product documentation into a single location. To see all of these new articles go to the Academic Help Index

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Changing

Only the search forms and navigation menu are changing. Unlike the major upgrade that took place in 2007, the current enhancements do not affect the product platform or content. We continue to use the set of content and the same search engine. Many of the tools and screens in the current version of LexisNexis Academic will remain unchanged in the new interface, including Company Dossier, Shepard's Citations, the Source Directory, and the results list page and its various tools such as the clustering feature. For a detailed description of the search forms being added or changed, see the top of this page.

What's Not Changing

The interface changes do not affect the following aspects of the LexisNexis Academic Service

  • Content
  • Search engine and query language
  • Source Directory "Find" and "Browse" source selection tools
  • Results list display
  • Full text document display
  • Links to related content

What's Next

LexisNexis will continue to look for ways to improve access to the many valuable resources contained in LexisNexis Academic. We expect to be fine tuning the visual and functional design of the search forms, and to be adding new search forms that meet a special need or improve access to particular types of content.

Durable Links

Links that you may be using to specific publications or specific documents within LexisNexis Academic should continue to function with no effort required. Links to specific search forms should also continue to work.

Federated Search Systems

LexisNexis Academic will continue to support the same federated search systems. For details, please see the article on Federated Search.

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