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Subscription Links are defined as links to resources in LexisNexis Academic that are only available to users at subscribing institutions.

    Example of a Subscriber Link to search in the New York Times: 

If you are working on campus at a subscribing institution, all of the Subscription Links presented in this wiki should (probably) work seamlessly. If you see a LexisNexis login page, this means your user authentication has failed. You should consult your librarian to be sure that your institution subscribes to LexisNexis Academic and learn the proper method for accessing it. Librarians should report access problems to our Academic Support team.

If you are working from off campus, you will need to log in to your school's library portal before you can access LexisNexis (or any other ) subscription databases. To use the subscription links from off campus, it may be necessary to open LexisNexis Academic from your library portal and keep it open in a separate browser window before you click on Subscription Links.

For more information and directions on building your own Subscriber Links, see the article on the LexisNexis Academic URL API Specification