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[edit] About the Canadian Cases Search Form

The Canadian Cases search form is located in the International Legal section of LexisNexis Academic. You can perform various tasks on the US Canadian Cases search form such as:

  • Find a Case by Legal Citation
  • Find a Case on a specific topic
  • Find a case in a specific Canadian Province by a particular judge
  • Find a case that occurred during a certain period of time

Please see the article on Legal Citation Formats.

[edit] Search Terms

The "Search terms" section allows you to input your own key terms. In this search box, you can put words or phrases that convey a particular topic, like "abortion." For example, if you need to find articles by a specific citation, type the citation in the guided search box. In addition to a full text search, use the guided boxes to find cases:

  • by Citation
  • by Case Name
  • by Legal Topics
  • by Judge
  • by Jurisdiction

[edit] Specify Date

One of the most efficient ways to narrow your results set is by specifying the date. If you're researching a current event, try narrowing the date to the last 6 months. If you're researching a past event, use the "Is Between..." option to set the dates yourself. Choosing a time period to search through will change your results drastically. You will be much more likely to find relevant results.

[edit] Jurisdiction

Select a Jurisdiction from the drop-down box.