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About the Landmark Cases Page


The Landmark Cases page is located in the US Legal section of LexisNexis Academic. This page is not a search form, but rather a list of direct links to Landmark Supreme Court cases in US History. The cases are sorted alphabetically by topic, then by year, then alphabetically by party name.

This page is imporant because simply using the Federal & State Cases search form to search a frequently-referenced case such as Roe v. Wade may bring up many results. These direct links will guide users to the precise case and citation.

What if the case I'm looking for isn't on the list?

Although the list contains dozens of cases and topics, every landmark case in US history is not accessible via this search form. If you do not see a link to the landmark case you are looking for, navigate to the Federal & State Case search form. The most efficient way to find a case is by citation. Type the citation in the first search box and select "Citation" from the drop-down box.

Shepard's Signals

Shepard's Citations let you know whether or not the Supreme Court decision made in a particular case is still practiced law today. Navigate to our Shepard's Citations article on the wiki to find out more information about this important functionality.