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December 23rd Update

The New Interface is Live at:

Check out our YouTube channel for more video tutorials:

Visit the Academic page for help and FAQs.

December 17th Update

Introduction to the New Academic Interface on YouTube:

December 5th Update

Check out our new Curriculum-Based Research Guides on the new interface.

November 20th Update

We’re very excited to unveil the much anticipated screenshots of the new Academic interface! This next generation of Academic Search will deploy on December 23rd.

Main Collapsed 600.jpg

The bold red Academic Search box shown above is now the unmistakable place to start research.

The Academic Search box defaults to a combined search of news, business, and legal content. In the current version of Academic, a large content search like this would typically return a “Your search has returned over 3,000 documents” message. The new interface will automatically return the 1,000 most relevant documents that meet your search criteria.

The expandable elements are one of our favorite things about the new interface. We’ve kept the three top widgets from our current interface, just in an expandable format. They’re there if you want them to be, and not when you don’t.

Main Expanded 600.jpg

Instead of having to jump to another form for advanced search options, users will now be able to simply click to expand the Advanced Options tab directly from the red search bar:

Main Advanced 600.jpg

Right from the front page, users can pick any source in our catalog, add an index term, build your own Segment Search, and narrow by date. Any selections they make on the Advanced section will conveniently appear in the Selection Tray inside the red search box:

Main SelectionTray.jpg

Over the next two weeks, we will be unveiling more screenshots of different areas of the new interface right here on this page. Stay tuned!

November 11th Update

What's Changing and What's Staying

As announced last week, the newly redesigned LexisNexis Academic interface will launch December 23rd.

Over the next few weeks, we will be unveiling more details about Academic’s new look including screenshots, research guides, and new YouTube videos to prepare you for the launch.

While users will see a simpler, more intuitive search interface, Academic’s robust content, features and functionality will remain unchanged, including:

  • Post-search experience–Users will continue to have access to all of Academic’s search results clustering and enhancements like links to Bibliographic Export, Delivery to Cloud, and Document Permalinking
  • Hot Topics Links and Landmark Cases–These easy, one-click searches will be a mainstay for students to access top-trending content
  • Academic access to news, legal, and business sources including Company, Industry, and Executive Dossier–All content sources will remain the same and users will still have access to a growing list of over 15,000 sources of credible information
  • URLs and Search Form Permalinks –Academic will still be available at the same URL ( so no need to change your user guides, permanent links to search forms, or title-level links on your library portal

The new LexisNexis Academic interface was developed and implemented with feedback and suggestions we received from college and university librarians, educators and students across the country.

Academic users will find the new interface has been redesigned to provide:

  • A single-search box experience
  • Streamlined navigation for more intuitive, user-friendly research
  • Improved advanced search options for more sophisticated queries
  • Easier access to support resources including the Academic Knowledge Center, YouTube video tutorials, A-Z Source List, and User Guides

Screenshots of the new interface will be posted next week, so stay tuned!

October 25th Update

Over the past year, we surveyed librarians, other teaching faculty, and students on ways we could improve LexisNexis Academic. We received a lot of insightful comments about enhancements we could make, and we are happy to announce a number of changes coming over Winter Break:

  • A simple, streamlined design
  • A more intuitive place to start your research
  • One-step search capability
  • Improved options for advanced queries

Academic will have a new look while maintaining the same great content and robust functionality – all at the same address:

To help you prepare for the launch on December 23rd, all of our user guides, Knowledge Center articles, and YouTube videos will be modified to reflect the new design. We are creating content-specific research guides, as well as task-based, step-by-step user guides that will cover all bases, including screen shots of the new interface that you can use.

We can’t wait to show you this amazing new version of LexisNexis Academic! Stay tuned for more information.