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All subscribers to LexisNexis Academic have essentially the same content and functionality. Subscribers in different world regions will have some variation in the content package because of differences in publisher restrictions.

Unlike other LexisNexis services, there are no optional modules that you need to check for in LexisNexis Academic. If you have access to the service, then you can be confident that it has been set up correctly and you are getting all the content and features that are supposed to be in your subscription, with one caveat. The Company Dossier service is actually a separate product in terms of its back-office setup at LexisNexis. This means it is possible to have a problem with the Dossier portion of your subscription that does not affect the rest of the LexisNexis Academic service. Consult the screen shots below to confirm that your subscription includes Company Dossier.

If you think your subscription is not providing access to Company Dossier, please Contact Us

Company Dossier Configuration Check

Your Dossier Subscription is set up properly if you click on the "Dossier(Company, Executive, & Industry) link on the Search By Content Type drop-down and then see the form below:

Dossier SearchForm1.jpg Dossier Correct.jpg