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LexisNexis Academic contains a large number of news sources from languages other than English. Currently, only languages that use the Roman character set are covered; there are no sources that use Asian, Cyrillic, or other character sets. Below is a list of frequently searched foreign language news sources. The sources listed below are aggregated sources that each contain many individual publications.

How to used these links: Open LexisNexis Academic as you normally would and then choose the "Sources" tab. Enter the name of the source you want in the "Find" box. If the source name contains common words, use quotation marks to get an exact match.

How to used these links: Your institution must have a subscription to LexisNexis Academic, and you must be authenticated by your institution to use these links. Most on-campus users should not have any problem. Remote users will need to authenticate before using these links. If your browser displays a LexisNexis page asking you for an ID and password, this means you are not authenticated. Log in to your institution's library portal or electronic resources site, then locate LexisNexis Academic in its list of databases by searching for "Lexis" and follow the link provided to open LexisNexis Academic. Once you have done this, you can access any source listed below either by searching on its name under the Sources tab in LexisNexis Academic, or by leaving LexisNexis Academic open in a separate browser window (to maintain your authenticated user session) and clicking the appropriate link below.

Durable Links

Non-English Language News, World Library

Dutch Language News

Toute La Presse - Français

Deutsche Presse:

Italian Language News Sources:

Portuguese Language News Combined

Spanish Language News Combined

Spanish Language News from Europe Combined

Spanish Language News from Latin America Combined