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LexisNexis Academic contains group files that pull together news sources from specific publications. Below is a list of frequently searched news sources. Some of the sources listed below are aggregated sources, like "Major World Publications," meaning that various publications are used during that particular search.

You can use the links below for quick reference. However, all of these sources can still be found through the "Find Sources" tab in LexisNexis Academic.

[edit] Durable Links

Associated Press:

Associated Press Online:

Book, Movie, Music, Play, And Video Reviews:

Business News Publications:

Business Week:

Business Wire:

Chronicle Of Higher Education:

Financial Times (London):

Healthcare News:

Legal News Group File:

Magazine Stories, Combined:

Major World Newspapers:

Major World Publications:

McClatchy-Tribune News Service:

New York Times:

News, All (English, Full Text):

Newsletter Stories:

Newspaper Stories, Combined Papers:

Non-US Newspapers And Wires:

PR Newswire:

Time Inc-Last 2 Years:


University Wire:

US Newspapers And Wires:

USA Today:

Washington Post:

Web Blogs:

Web Publications Combined:

Wire Service Stories: