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[[Category: Academic Links]]
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LexisNexis provides direct links to almost all of the search forms available in the LexisNexis Academic service. Use the URLs shown below to store bookmarks or set up direct links in your database resources page, subject guides, etc. Please note that you should not copy LexisNexis Academic URLs from your browser because they will contain temporary session data, and the URL will stop working after a few hours or days.


[edit] Home Page

The base URL for LexisNexis Academic goes to the Easy Search form, which serves as the home page for the product.

[edit] News

All News

TV & Radio News Transcripts

Foreign Language News

[edit] US Legal

Federal & State Cases

Shepard's Citations

Federal Statutes, Codes, & Regulations

State Statutes, Codes, & Regulations

Law Reviews

US Legal Reference


[edit] International Legal

Canadian Cases

Canadian Legislation

EU, Commonwealth, and Foreign Nations

Canadian Law Journals

[edit] Companies

Company Dossier

Company Profiles

SEC Filings

[edit] Subject Areas


Consumer Information

[edit] Sources

Browse Sources

Find Sources