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LexisNexis Academic has a rich collection of accountancy and tax law content, including federal and state statutes and case law, professional and academic journals, international materials, and publications from the IRS and the AICPA. Below are lists of links for selected content within these collections, highlighting some of the broader and most heavily referenced sources.

You can use the links below for quick reference. However, all of these sources can still be found through the "Find Sources" link in LexisNexis Academic.

Accounting Content on LexisNexis Academic (Selected):

Accountant’s Handbook [1]

Accounting Today [2]

AICPA Accounting and Auditing Publications [3]

AICPA CPA Letters (1988-1999) [4]

AICPA Publications Archive (1934-1995) [5]

AICPA Tax Division Newsletter (1988-1992) [6]

CPA Practice Advisor [7]

International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences [8]

IOMA Accounting Publications Combined [9]

John Wiley Publications [10]

Journal of Accountancy [11]

The Tax Adviser [12]

The Ultimate Accountants' Reference [13]

Tax Law Content on LexisNexis Academic (Selected)

All State Tax Statutes, Regulations, Cases and Admin Decisions [14]

Combined Federal & State Tax Journals [15]

Federal Tax Cases and IRS Administrative Decisions [16]

Federal Tax Legislation, Congressional Reports & Bills [17]

Internal Revenue Code [18]

Internal Revenue Manual [19]

IRS Bulletins, Letter Rulings & Memoranda Decisions, Combined [20]

John Wiley Publications [21]

The Practical Tax Lawyer [22]

State Tax Newsletters [23]

The Tax Adviser [24]

Tax Analysts Tax Magazines, Combined [25]

Tax Analysts Tax Publications and Treatises [26]

Tax Facts Intelligence [27]

The Tax Lawyer [28]

Treasury Regulations—Final, Temporary and Proposed [29]