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This page refers to the Asia Version. Users in other regions should refer to the standard Migration Guide.

In January 2010, LexisNexis released a new interface for LexisNexis Academic as well as a special Asia Version.


Migration Period

The migration period is January-July, 2010. All subscribers should now be using the new URL listed below.

What Happens to the URLs?

Asia Pacific Users will need to update their URLs

Users in Asia will have to manually change their URL to one of the following:

    Asia, Except China: 

Test Your Access

Please note that the landing page for the new interface is on the open web. You should run a search to test your access.

The New URL Will Continue To Work

The new URL will continue to work after the migration period ends. Customers who have made the switch to the new URL will not have to do anything else.

Test Your Remote Authentication

All subscribers should test remote authentication to the new interface. See the sections below on Proxy Server procedures. Note: The home page of the interface is on the open web. To test authentication you must run a search in the new interface.

Proxy Server Authentication

To switch to the new interface, subscribers who rely on a proxy server to provide user authentication for LexisNexis Academic Please see the Proxy Server section of the article on Remote Access

Modifying URLs for Asia

In addition to the URL for the product home page, you will find many URLs on this wiki and elsewhere that provide deep links into LexisNexis Academic. Please see the article on the Asia Version for a guide to transforming URLs for the standard version to the Asia version.