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LexisNexis Academic subscribers in the Asia region have a different user interface. While the interfaces are very similiar, the Asia version has been customized to meet technical requirements and support the needs of users in that region.

The "standard version" of LexisNexis Academic is used in the United States and the rest of the world, apart from Asia.

Most of the articles on this wiki site apply equally to the standard version of LexisNexis Academic and the Asia version. Where there are important differences, there is a note at the top of the article.

If you are not sure whether you are using the standard or Asia version of LexisNexis Academic, please look at the URL in your browser address window. The standard version has the URL The URLs for the Asia version are shown below.


URLs or the Asia Version

There are 2 URLs for the Asia version because of special technical requirements for China

    Asia, Except China

Modifying Standard URLs for the Asia Version

In addition to the URLs that point to the product home page, you will find many examples on this wiki and elsewhere of URLs that provide deep links to LexisNexis Academic. To make such links work with the Asia version, you must change the base URL as described here.

The base URL for the standard version of LexisNexis Academic is

When you see a link that is built on this base URL adjust it as follows:

    Asia, Except China
    *Standard -- 
    *Asia --
    *China --

Follow these directions to transform any "hottopics" URLs on this wiki to an Asia-Pacific version URL. This includes all of the links in the Academic Links Category.

Important Features of the Asia Version

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