Company Dossier Enhancements 2010

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New enhancements were added to Company Dossier as of September 2010. Below is a list of new features and explanations of functionality.


Upload a List

In the Companies Section of LexisNexis Academic, navigate to the Company Dossier form. Here, you will see a form with tabs at the top. Click the new Upload a List tab, as you can see below:


Here, you can enter or upload multiple DUNS, Dossier ID, or Tickers to retrieve business intelligence on all your accounts with a single search. As the directions state, you can upload them in .txt or .csv format. This function will allow you to retrieve up to 200 companies at once or up to 10 companies when populated with all executives.

New Functionality on Create a Company List Form

In the Companies Section of LexisNexis Academic, navigate to the Dossier Create a Company List search form. Here, you will see a the form below:


As you can see by the first red arrow, you can now enter your own revenue-based criteria, instead of being confined to the pre-determined pull-down menu. The second set of arrows shows the new ticker search field. Here, you can enter a specific ticker symbol or upload a list of up to 200.

More Executive Contacts

The Company Dossier company snapshot now includes executive contacts from the Jigsaw database. The Jigsaw database, which includes more than 13 million names, will provde the user with executive contact information including e-mail addresses or direct phone lines. The contacts list can be viewed online or downloaded to Excel.

To see the list of contacts on a Company Dossier Company Snapshot, click on the "All Executives" link, as pictured below:


You will then see a table that looks like this:


To download the executives list, click "Download", as indicated by the red arrow.

Hyperlinked Company Names in Downloaded Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets created from the Create a Company List function, or any downloaded Excel spreadsheet from Company Dossier, will now include company hyperlinks right in the excel file. As you can see in the image below, one click on any of the company links will take you straight to the Comapny Dossier Company Snapshot.


Corporate Affiliations

You can now download results from the Corporate Affiliates family tree of parent companies and their subsidiaries to a spreadsheet. From a Company Dossier Company Snapshot, click the Parent & Subsidiaries link on the left, as indicated by the red arrow. Next, click "Download Table" on the right.