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===Product Manager===
For questions or help accessing or contributing to this wiki, please contact
*Jennifer Matheny at  
*Bill Madigan, Senior Product Manager,  
===LexisNexis Subscriptions===
===LexisNexis Subscriptions===

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Product Manager

  • Bill Madigan, Senior Product Manager,

LexisNexis Subscriptions

For information about our products or to report a problem with your subscription, please contact your account manager. The guide below shows the account manager for each U.S. state.
Subscribers outside the United States should contact their local LexisNexis representative. For contact information, please see our Worldwide Selector

Account Managers

  • Anne Borger | 800-227-9597 x 56617 |
  • Ginger Cole | 800-227-9597 x 51259 |
  • Paul Rabe | 800-227-9597 x 57797|

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