Economic Crisis 2008 and 2009

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The Economic Crisis of 2008 is believed to have occurred because of global inflation, increased unemployment, high oil and food prices, a declining dollar value, a horrible housing market, and a subprime mortgage crisis. Although economic crisis is happening all over the world, this article will consist of tips on how to research the United States Economic Crisis of 2008 and 2009.

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Find information on the United States Economic Crisis of 2008 using news, business, and industry publications from all over the world. Search the News in the PowerSearch form using the index, and take advantage of LexisNexis SmartIndexing to find the most relevant articles. Listed below are some helpful index terms to get you started.

LexisNexis Academic
  • 2008 Economic Stimulus Plan
  • 2008 Global Food Crisis
  • Bailouts -- targets financial relief packages for companies, industries or countries.
  • Bank Failures -- targets the inability of a bank or other depository institution to meet its credit obligations. The scope includes measures designed to prevent bank failures or mitigate their impact.
  • Banking & Finance Regulation
  • Bernanke, Ben
  • Business Insolvency & Bankruptcy
  • Credit Crisis
  • Economic Decline
  • Economic Depression
  • Economic Growth
  • Economic Indicators
  • Economic News
  • Economic Policy
  • Economic Recovery
  • Financial Guarantee Insurance -- targets insurance policies and providers that cover financial losses due to nonpayment of debts. The scope includes mortgage guaranty insurance, bond insurance and credit insurance.
  • Financial Ratings -- targets financial performance ratings of bonds, securities, debt and related instruments by major ratings firms such as Standard and Poor’s® or Moody’s.
  • Financial Results -- targets periodic reports of earnings, sales, profits and losses of companies and financial markets.
  • Financial Risk Management -- targets the handling of financial risk by companies and organizations. The scope includes providers of financial risk management services.
  • Geithner, Timothy
  • Housing Market
  • Mortgage Baking & Finance -- targets the market in real property mortgage lending. The scope includes wholesalers, retailers, originators and those who service the industry.
  • Paulson, Henry
  • Subprime Mortgages
  • Summers, Lawrence
  • Treasury Departments

Tip: When using the index term tool, try looking for specific individuals or companies that interest you. LexisNexis indexes many corporations as well as prominent politicians and business people who have been involved in the crisis. Using these index terms will give you better results than simply typing the name into the search box.

To search only the news about companies, use the Company News group file, which you can locate under the "Sources" tab by searching on "Company News" or use this direct link:

For information on a specific company, try Company Dossier: Get A Company Profile or the SEC filings available under the "Business" tab.