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LexisNexis Academic products all contain a great deal of information about the candidates, issues, and campaigns involved in the 2008 presidential election. Use each of the following tips to find more facts about the election. Election 2012


Barack Obama Elected President - November 4, 2008

Read transcripts of John McCain's concession speech from CNN in LexisNexis Academic:

LexisNexis Academic

Find All News Articles About Campaign 2008

Go to the sources tab and type "Campaign 2008" in the "Find a Source" box on the right. Select the Campaign 2008 source to automatically search all news articles that concern the 2008 presidential election.

Read What Their Home States Are Saying

Sometimes the newspapers from the candidates' home states will offer different perspectives or write with a deeper knowledge of specific issues. To search newspapers from a particular state, follow the directions below:

After clicking the sources tab...

  1. Select "News & Business Topics"
  2. Select United States from the drop down box. Then, another drop-down box will appear and populate with the states. Select the following states for the candidates:
    1. Barack Obama - Illinois
    2. Joe Biden - Delaware
    3. John McCain - Arizona
    4. Sarah Palin - Alaska
  3. Select the yellow "General News Sources" folder (the folder is not pictured here - the image shows the choices that appear after you click the folder)

Then, you can pick and choose which news sources you'd like to search through. After you select your sources, you will be directed to the Power Search form. From there, you can type your candidate in the search box or use the index term of your candidate's name to narrow your search.

Read What Other Countries Are Saying

On the Power Search form, use the Sources drop-down box to select "Major World Newspapers" or "Major World Pubs. (Non-English)", depending on the type of information you'd like to return. Notice that the Major World Newspapers will include US newspapers (On your results page, you can click on the "Geography" cluster to pick and choose which country you'd like to see results from.)

Use the index to add the term "US Presidential Election" to your search. You should also add other terms like the candidates names, particular topics, and a date range to narrow your search.

You can also click the News button and click on the Regional News search form. From there, you can pick a country or a world region to search within.