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LexisNexis Academic provides users with a wealth of presidential campaign coverage. This article will show you the best ways to find recent news, transcripts, and international news coverage.


[edit] Find All News Articles About Campaign 2012

The best way to find the most recent articles is to use the "US Presidential Election 2012" Hot Topics link. This link uses our "US Newspapers" aggregated source, a collection of all US Newspapers inside of LexisNexis Academic. The articles returned will be from the most recent 2 weeks.

[edit] Use Hot Topics Links for Most Recent Results

Use the Hot Topics Links on the Easy Search form for one-click news coverage. These links use LexisNexis SmartIndexing technology to build the most recent and relevant results for these Hot Topics. During Campaign 2012 season, you will see HotTopics links like:

  • Barack Obama
  • Mitt Romney
  • US Presidential Election 2012
  • Republican National Convention (August 26-August 29, 2012)
  • Democratic National Convention (September 3-September 6, 2012)

[edit] Use Edit Search for Longer Date Range

The Hot Topics links are designed to show you the previous 14 days of news coverage. If you would like to change the date to a longer range, click the "Edit Search" link in the top right of the results page, as seen below:


Then, click on the date range drop-down on the Advanced Search form to change the date range of the search:

  • It is important to note that you will need to remove the "AND DATE>=%CURRDATE-14%" from the search box before you execute your next search.


[edit] Use Search Within for Candidate Issue Stances

This search can be done with the US Presidential Election 2012 Hot Topics Link or, for a more specific search, on either candidate's Hot Topic Link. In the following search, we will research Mitt Romney's energy policy.

  1. Click on the Mitt Romney Hot Topic Link on the front page of Academic.
  2. Type "energy policy" (or whichever issue you happen to be interested in) into the Search Within box, as shown below
  3. Click "Go" to get results relevant to Mitt Romney that include the term "energy policy".


[edit] Find Transcripts of Important Speeches and Interviews

Use the TV & Radio Transcripts page of Academic to search for transcripts. In the following scenario, we will be searching for Paul Ryan's speech at the Republican National Convention.

Because we know the date, location, and featured speaker, this particular document should be easy to find. If, in your exact search, you are missing some of this information, stick with the LexisNexis Academic default values, but narrow as much as you possibly can. For example, if you don't know the exact date, but know that the speech you're looking for was in the previous week, select "Previous Week" from the date drop-down.

Follow the directions on the image to complete this search:


  1. Narrowing down your results using our SmartIndexing technology is very helpful. We know there is an index term for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, so we will take advantage of the indexing. Type "Republican National Conventions" into the search box and select "Subject Terms" from the drop-down.
  2. The Headline/Lead Paragraph of the document should contain the name of the featured speaker. Using a segment search like HLEAD() should bring back the best results. Type HLEAD(Paul Ryan) in the search box.
  3. This speech took place on August 29, 2012. Select "Date is..." and type 08/29/2012 in the box that appears.
  4. Keeping the default "All Transcripts" Source selected on the form is the best option.
  5. Click Search

With Interviews and Speeches, look for the Featured Subject (in this case, Paul Ryan) and the word "Interview" or "Speaks" in the Headline when you're viewing your results.


As you can see, the transcript is the fifth result that appears.

[edit] Find Articles from the Candidates' Home States

Sometimes the newspapers from the candidates' home states will offer different perspectives or write with a deeper knowledge of specific issues. To search newspapers from a particular state, follow the directions below:


After clicking the Browse Sources tab...

  1. Select "News & Business Topics"
  2. Select United States from the drop down box. Then, another drop-down box will appear and populate with the states. Select the following states for the candidates:
    1. Barack Obama - Illinois
    2. Mitt Romney - Massachusetts
  3. Select the yellow "General News Sources" folder (the folder is not pictured here - the image shows the choices that appear after you click the folder)

Then, you can pick and choose which news sources you'd like to search through. After you select your sources, you will be directed to the Advanced Search form. From there, you can type your candidate in the search box or use the index term of your candidate's name to narrow your search.

Our guide and YouTube Tutorial on finding Newspapers by State would also be a very helpful guide when applied to this scenario.

[edit] Find Articles from Other Countries about the Candidates

Learning about the candidates from a world-view always adds an interesting perspective. What does Germany think of Romney? What are they saying about Obama in the United Kingdom? With the thousands of international sources in LexisNexis Academic, it's easy to find out.

On the Advanced Search form, use the Sources drop-down box to select "Major World Newspapers" or "Major World Pubs. (Non-English)", depending on the type of information you'd like to return. Notice that the Major World Newspapers will include US newspaper.

On your results page, you can click on the "Geography" cluster, as shown below, to pick and choose which country/region you'd like to see results from.


Use the index to add the term "US Presidential Election" to your search. You should also add other terms like the candidates names, particular topics, and a date range to narrow your search.

You can also use the All News Search form to select a specific country or world region. See the following box at the bottom of the form:


[edit] Download this Guide

This guide is available in .pdf format here:

Election 2012 PDF (435KB)