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Researching in LexisNexis Academic

Quite possibly, your first encounter with LexisNexis Academic will occur during your freshman English or Writing course. Sometimes these are not only the courses that teach you new techniques, but those that introduce you to college paper-writing protocol. A Freshman English or Writing class is a requirement in most colleges or universities for this exact reason – to advance students’ research and writing skills from a high-school to university level.

Usually a graduated improvement on students’ writing is at the core of these freshman English/Writing courses. Often, at least one assignment is to write an opinionated essay. LexisNexis Academic will allow you to limit your search to opinion/editorial information. See News Search: Find An Editorial Or Opinion Piece for search techniques

Next is possibly a report on a current event or a local interest story. To gather local information from surrounding news sources, see News Search: Search Newspapers By State or News Search: Find Foreign Language News

Common Assignments

Critical Reviews
Writing Style