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Federated Search

LexisNexis Academic currently supports federated search through a specialized LexisNexis Federated Search API (LNAFS API). LexisNexis Academic provides an XML results set that is linked to LexisNexis Academic. Vendors (or other entities) may use to incorporate selected LexisNexis Academic content into a federated search, namely magazines, major newspapers, and law reviews. The use of the LNAFS API requires a formal agreement between LexisNexis and the vendor (or other entity). Implementation of the API is very simple, quick and easy unlike the previous full WSK access.

If your organization is interested in using the API, please fill out the form at: http://support.lexisnexis.com/lnals/ . Select "Other Requests" from the drop-down box.

Systems Currently Supporting LexisNexis Academic

Innovative Interfaces Research Pro

For more information please consult your Innovative Interfaces representative or see their page on Research Pro

Auto Graphics Agent Search

For more information please contact your Auto Graphics representative or see their page on Agent Search

Ex Libris MetaLib

For more information about MetaLib please consult your Ex Libris representative or see their page on MetaLib

Please note that because the MetaLib application is hosted at the subscribing institution, a short addendum to the LexisNexis Subscriber License must be executed by subscribing institutions to permit access to the XML gateway used for federated search. U.S. institutions should contact the LexisNexis Web Subscriptions Department to process the addendum and set up access at http://support.lexisnexis.com/lnals/. Subscribers outside the U.S. should contact their local LexisNexis reprepresentative.

Once the addendum has been completed and permission has been issued by LexisNexis, you should consult the MetaLib configuration notes, under the "?" icon of the IRD, for set up instructions. If you have any trouble creating the connection from MetaLib to LexisNexis, please contact your Ex Libris representative.


MuseGlobal Supports federated search of LexisNexis Academic content for its technology partners. Please see their website for more information on MuseGlobal

Serials Solutions 360 Search

For more information please consult your Serials Solutions representative or see their page on 360 Search.

Web Feat

For more information please consult your Web Feat representative or see the site for WebFeat.

Systems Developing Support for LexisNexis Academic

CREDO Reference

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.credoreference.com

DeepWeb Technologies

For more information, please visit their website: http://www.deepwebtech.com