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About Google Translate in LexisNexis Academic

On August 9th, LexisNexis Academic released new Google Translate functionality that will translate your entire results list or single documents into over 70 different languages. When the Google Translate drop-down box, as shown on right, appears in results list or document view, the user can open the drop-down box and select any of the languages shown. Upon selection, the page or document will automatically translate.

Reasons to Use Google Translate

  • Use Google Translate to translate foreign language news back into English
  • International students can translate all news content into a more preferred language.
  • Students studying foreign languages can use Google Translate to practice their reading and speaking skills.

Delivering Translated Documents

Google Translate provides in-page only translation. Translated pages cannot be delivered using the following methods:

  • Delivery to Cloud Storage
  • Bibliographic Export (Citations cannot be exported in another language)
  • Permalinking (Users cannot create a permalink to a translated document)
  • Download
  • Print
  • E-mail

YouTube Tutorial

Coming Soon!