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==Watch this Tutorial on YouTube==
==Watch this Tutorial on YouTube==
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==Related Articles==
==Related Articles==

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Follow the instructions below to narrow your search using index terms in LexisNexis Academic
Main Index1.jpg Main Index2.jpg
  1. Click the Advanced Options Section
  2. Click on the Look Up Index Terms link. A new window will pop up
  3. Type a word that relates to your search. In the image above, the word "Baseball" is used. Click the red Find button
  4. In this example, "Baseball" refers to a subject, so scroll to the bottom of the list for subject results. Click the appropriate box for "Baseball"
  5. Click the red OK-Add to Search button to include this index term
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click Search

After you complete the rest of your search, you will find that the index term "Baseball" should appear at the bottom of documents on your hit list.

[edit] Watch this Tutorial on YouTube

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