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This page lists resources for librarians and teaching faculty who need to create instruction materials such as subject guides. If you create such materials, please consider adding them or links to them to this wiki as described in the Contributor Guidelines


The best wiki page for handouts is the Category:Academic Binder Series page. Start at the Academic product page for more general information.

Additional materials such as brochures are available on the the LexisNexis marketing website at

There is an LN logo image can be downloaded from

If you would like to include direct links to search forms or to specific documents, try the following resources:

  • Academic Links category page on this wiki lists articles with title-level links on specific topics.
  • the URL for the LexisNexis Academic Delicious bookmarks, which provide hundreds of direct links arranged by subject and geography tags.
  • Subscriber Tools Beta is a website that has utilities to will help you build your own direct links and saved searches.
  • Research Help articles often provide direct links to forms, title-level links, and document-level links related to the article topic.
  • The LexisNexis InfoPro site is intended primarily for special librarians in the corporate and government sectors, but has great resources that can be adapted to academic users.

Index to Instruction Tools

Wiki pages that are particularly useful for creating instruction materials have been assigned to the Instruction Tools category. You can access the category page through the Article Index link available on the wiki Main Page or by going directly to the Category:Instructor Tools page.

Index to User Created Guides

You will find an index to wiki pages that contain links to instruction materials created by LexisNexis subscribers at Category:User Created Guides