LexisNexis Environmental Transition

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Welcome to the transition page for LexisNexis® Environmental

This page is your main access point regarding the status of our Environmental Content

At the end of June 2009, LexisNexis online Environmental Abstracts content was sold to ProQuest, and LexisNexis Environmental subscribers were transferred over to a ProQuest subscription. Accordingly, we have discontinued LexisNexis Environmental. All access to the LexisNexis product was terminated early in August.

All current LexisNexis Academic subscribers should note that we have added environmental content (other than Environmental Abstracts) previously available on LexisNexis Environmental to our LexisNexis® Academic product so, as a LexisNexis Academic subscriber, you will be able to continue to access this environmental content through the LexisNexis Academic interface.

For details, see Academic Help: Environmental Studies