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For students who are looking to earn a degree in English or Literature, try using LexisNexis Academic before you write your first book review. Often, professors will begin their courses by assigning semester-long free reading. This free-reading is usually one or two books outside the realm of the syllabus and is of the students’ choosing. Professors do this to drive home the importance of contemporary literature in addition to the normal classic literature canon. Book reviews or reports on these free reading books are also assigned in conjunction with the normal assignments.

LexisNexis Academic’s extensive collection of book reviews will come in handy for these type of courses. Whether you are looking for a critically acclaimed, interesting novel for free-reading or if you need some ideas for your book report, restrict your search to book reviews on the Power Search tab. Click the link to “Add keywords (Index Terms) to your search” and search for the term “Book Reviews.” Click the check box and instantly focus your search to only book reviews.

Common Assignments

Biographical Research On Authors