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[[Category: What's New]]
[[Category: What's New]]
[[Category: Academic Help]]
[[Category: Academic Help]]
==December 23, 2013==
The [[Academic Interface Refresh]] is live!
==December 12, 2013==
Check our our [[Curriculum-Based Research Guides]] on the following topics:<br>
*Common Legal Assignments
*Common News Assignments
*Common Business Assignments
*Common Political Science Assignments
*Common Writing 101/Freshman Forum Assignments
==August 9, 2013==
==August 9, 2013==
*[[Document Delivery to Dropbox]] moves to [[Document Delivery to Cloud Storage]] as Google Drive has been added to cloud storage options.<br>
*[[Document Delivery to Dropbox]] moves to [[Document Delivery to Cloud Storage]] as Google Drive has been added to cloud storage options.<br>

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[edit] December 23, 2013

The Academic Interface Refresh is live!

[edit] December 12, 2013

Check our our Curriculum-Based Research Guides on the following topics:

  • Common Legal Assignments
  • Common News Assignments
  • Common Business Assignments
  • Common Political Science Assignments
  • Common Writing 101/Freshman Forum Assignments

[edit] August 9, 2013

[edit] March 8, 2013

Document Delivery to Dropbox

[edit] January 11, 2013

Web News part II launches with extra web content.

[edit] December 9, 2012

Web News part I launches.

[edit] September 12, 2012 Release

Portable Search Widgets

[edit] June 19, 2012 Release

[edit] Hot Topics Links

This new enhancement provides users with one-click searching capability. Find recent news articles for current events like Health Care, the US Presidential Election, or Education, just by clicking a link on the front page of our interface. Want to see today’s front-page newspaper stories from all around the world? Now, you have one-click access.

On the interface, the Hot Topics link replaces the "Countries" widget. All Country information will now be available in its own separate search form. Please click "Country Information" on the left navigation to see the Country Information search form. All content from that widget is still available on this form.

[edit] LexisNexis Academic Knowledge Center

If you're seeing this page, you're seeing the new LexisNexis Academic Knowledge Center! Formerly known as the LexisNexis Academic Wiki, the LexisNexis Academic Knowledge Center is the new name for our updated support site. The Knowledge Center is the primary place for collateral support for librarians. Check out the KC for user guides, links to YouTube video tutorials, and all Academic Help/FAQs.

[edit] Coming Soon: WebNews

A major release for the Academic market, soon LexisNexis Academic will now include results from the open web, as well as results from our robust database. The web results are triggered by news searches and populate in a separate tab in Results List view. WebNews searches over 700 LexisNexis-vetted news sites at once. No matter if you’re doing a section search or a highly-involved Boolean search, the WebNews functionality will apply the exact same search to find results from the open web. Even if our database returns zero results, WebNews results will still populate!

[edit] Interface Quick Wins

Our recent release of Interface Quick Wins are small changes to the interface, suggested by users, that make a big impact on ease of use. Here are a list of the changes to LexisNexis Academic released on June 19th:

  • "Power Search" form changed to "Advanced Search" form
  • Tip text changed on Easy Search form to give more instructions to users
  • Mobile Interface marked more clearly on left navigation element
  • Direct links to User Guides, A-Z List, and YouTube Videos now available on new "Guides & Resources" section.

[edit] 2011 Enhancements

[edit] Mobile Interface Beta

Customers can now access Academic's mobile interface on mobile devices by visiting Users will need to either be on campus to access this interface, or authenticate into the product remotely via their library portal.

[edit] Permalinking

This enhancement gives users a permanent link to most all documents in LexisNexis Academic. Visit our article on the Permalink Icon for more information.

[edit] Bibliographic Export

Users can now download citation information into .RIS format, export citation information to RefWorks, or display citation information in MLA, APA, or Chicago style right on screen. For more information, visit our Bibliographic Export help article.