Noise Words

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Noise words, also called stop words, are commonly used English words like any, of, and all.

While we cannot provide a list of all noise words, here are the most common ones:

  • any
  • The
  • and+
  • of
  • his
  • at
  • my
  • when
  • there
  • is
  • as
  • are
  • so
  • or+
  • it

+ Indicates it is also a reserved word.

NOTE: In most sources, you cannot search for noise words, because the LexisNexis services disregard them.

When you enter your search, place the noise word(s) inside quotation marks. Here are ways to search common phrases that use noise words:

To find cases that discuss the enforceablility of an at will employment relationship Example: enforc! or valid! or legal! w/15 "at will" w/15 employ!

To find cases that discuss contracts that include an "as is" provision Example: contract! or agreement w/15 "as is" w/15 language or word or provision or term or clause

To find cases that discuss interpretation of all-inclusive language in contracts Example: interpret! or constru! or mean! w/15 "any and all" w/15 language or word or provision or term w/15 contract or agreement or document

To find language in cases where the court is contrasting legal theories or opposing arguments Example: contrast! or compar! or distin! or "however" w/15 argument or position or theory or doctrine