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[edit] About Permalinking Functionality

LexisNexis Academic has now been enhanced to provide permanent document-level links. With this functionality, you can easily return to a document via a stable URL.

[edit] Ways to Use Permanent Links

Common ways to use Permanent Links:

  • Bookmark a document in your web browser for later use and easy access
  • Add document-level permanent links to user guides or course syllabi
  • Share links with your friends on Social Media
  • E-mail links to yourself instead of full documents

[edit] How to Access Permalinks in LexisNexis Academic

Icon Bar

The first rule of Permalinking is: do not copy and paste the URL that appears in your browser window. Most of the time, the URL that appears in the browser window is dynamic and not stable for later use. To access permanent URLs, follow these simple directions:

  1. Run a search, using any search form in LexisNexis Academic.
  2. Click on a document in the results list.
  3. You will see the Icon Bar (as shown on the right) appear in the top right corner of your document.
  4. Click the Permalink icon (as indicated by the arrow in the image to the right.)

A new window will pop up with instructions on how to copy your permanent link for later use. Simply right-click on the link provided (as shown in the picture to the left) and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" from the menu. Once you've copied the link, paste the permanent URL anywhere you like.

[edit] Availability

This functionality is available on most documents in LexisNexis Academic. However, there are certain documents for which a permanent URL is not available. For example, Company Dossier reports do not offer the Permalink icon. For these documents, the permalink icon will simply not appear in document view.

[edit] Accessibility

Only users that have been IP authenticated by LexisNexis will be able to access the documents. This means that if a customer is accessing the documents remotely from an off-campus location, they will have to log into their institution's library portal before the links will be accessible. For more information, see our About Subscription Links article.

[edit] Permanent Links to Search Forms

Permanent links directly to Search Forms are now also available for LexisNexis Academic. Most search forms will now include a chain link icon in the top right of the title bar. Click the icon to copy a permanent URL back to the search form. This is useful for directing users to a more advanced search form, like PowerSearch.