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[edit] Content Reports

LexisNexis® Library Express contains over 10,000 news, business, legal, and other sources. The standard reports available on this page are provided to support subscribing libraries and third-party vendors who need to analyze, catalog, or work with the individual sources. Reports are updated monthly. Detailed information for individual sources can be accessed by users of LexisNexis Library Express from within the service by clicking on the "i" icon that appears next to all source in the source directory and on search forms.

Right click (Cntl-Click for Apple) on a link and select "Save As" to download directly to your computer. The URLs for the various report files are stable and will not change until our website redesign. You may create links directly to the reports you want.

[edit] A-Z List

The A-Z List is a complete listing of all titles in the on-site version of Library Express. The remote access version is identical except for the exclusion of all legal materials. The report is updated quarterly. Download the A-Z list here:
LexisNexis Public Library Express A-Z List
You'll notice that this website contains A-Z lists for LexisNexis Academic, Library Express, and Scholastic. Please scroll down to download the list for LexisNexis Public Library Express.

[edit] Notes on the A-Z List

The A-Z List contains the unique titles included in LexisNexis Library Express. See the URL API Documentation for technical details on how the linking URLs were constructed. The A-Z List is an enhanced title list in MS Excel format that includes:

  • LexisNexis Constant Source Identifier (CSI)
  • Month added to LexisNexis Library Express
  • ISSNs
  • Source classifications
  • URL to search directly within each title in LexisNexis Library Express
  • URL to view description in the LexisNexis source guide for each title
  • Article Link CSI needed for article-level linking using the URL API

[edit] Special Reports

The reports listed below are designed to meet specific needs or customer requests.

[edit] Comparison of LexisNexis Library Express to LexisNexis Academic

Lists the titles included in the LexisNexis Academic product that are not available in Library Express due to publisher restrictions and LexisNexis product design decisions.

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