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[edit] Introduction

You can usually create a URL that will take you directly to any search form in a LexisNexis product. You cannot simply copy the URL you see in your browser because it contains temporary session data that will stop working, probably when you close your browser.

[edit] Home Page

The base URL for LexisNexis Library Express goes to the Easy Search form, which serves as the home page for the product.

Easy Search

[edit] General Search

Easy Search (same as Home Page)

Power Search

[edit] News

All News

TV & Radio News Transcripts

Foreign Language News

Business & Industry News

[edit] US Legal

Federal & State Cases

Landmark US Legal Cases

Federal Statutes, Codes, & Regulations

State Statutes, Codes, & Regulations

Law Reviews

US Legal Reference


Tax Law

[edit] Companies

Company Dossier

Company Profiles

SEC Filings

[edit] Subject Areas


Health & Medical Care

Government & Politics


Consumer Information

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