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Follow the instructions below to find a critical review by using the All News Search form in LexisNexis Scholastic.
  1. Click News and then All News to be taken to the All News search form.
  2. Type the subject that you'd like to search for. In this case, Twilight.
  3. Select Headline and Lead Paragraph.
  4. Specify a date. In this example, the previous year is selected.
  5. Select a publication. In this example, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been typed in the box. You may also use the drop-down box to select a large group file.
  6. Select "Book Reviews" (or whichever type of review you need) from the article type box.

Press the red search button to see your results list.

[edit] Sources Tab

LexisNexis Scholastic also provides aggregated sources of all critical reviews. Click on the sources tab and navigate to the Find Sources form. Type any kind of review (Book Review, Music Review, etc) into the search box. You will see the aggregated source with that name.

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