Make A Company List Using Company Dossier

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Follow the instructions below to make a company list using Company Dossier in LexisNexis Scholastic.
Image: CompanyList11.jpg Image: CompanyList2.jpg

After clicking on the Business Tab:

  1. On the right navigation bar, click "Dossier Create A Company List". You will be redirected to the Company List search form. On the company list form, you have a variety of options to choose from. The following example creates a list of all publicly traded companies that make over $1 billion in Washington, DC.
  2. Set the company type from "All Public" - you have other choices to include all companies or private companies.
  3. Select Above $1,000,000,000 from the drop-down box.
  4. Choose the United States in the Regions/Countries drop-down box.
  5. Choose District of Columbia in the "States" drop-down box.
  6. Click create.
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