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The Congress Members search form is located within the Legislation section of LexisNexis Scholastic. Using this form, you can accomplish such tasks as:

  • Read the profile of a specific Congress person
  • Find financial disclosures of a specific Congress person

[edit] Keywords

Sometimes called "search terms," the terms you enter in the text box will be matched against terms that occur in documents when your search is run. There are a few things you should know about entering terms on this form:

  • Implied adjacency -- if you enter two or more words in the same box (with no connector), LexisNexis will assume you want to find documents in which those words occur together and in order. Entering "hot dog" will only find documents that mention hot dogs. Entering "hot AND dog" will find any document that has both these words, for example a story about a dog on a hot day.
  • Automatic pluralization -- LexisNexis automatically searches plural forms of most nouns. You do not need to use wildcard characters to search for "dog" and "dogs," simply enter "dog" and LexisNexis will find both variations.

[edit] Search Source

On the Congress Members search form, simply click the check boxes of those sources you'd like to search.

Your other option is to use the "Edit in Power Search" link to navigate to the Power Search form. From there, you can do things like use different search strings to narrow your information. For example, use the BIRTHDAY() string or the DISTRICT() string. To see members of Congressional committees, there is also a link at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Committee Membership Profile Report.

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