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[edit] About Easy Search

This form provides quick access to the most popular content in LexisNexis Scholastic. The Easy Search page is the default screen. As you can see, there are six widgets on the Easy Search form. This combination of widgets should help you accomplish most basic research tasks such as:

  • Search news stories
  • Find business and consumer information
  • Get information about a particular company
  • Find stories and biographies about people
  • Research Congressional Bills
  • Look up State Bills

[edit] Search the News

The "Search the News" widget provides a box for you to enter your search terms and two ways for you to choose where you search. Selecting by Source Type lets you search all the sources within each of the following types:

  • Major World Publications
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Wire Services
  • Broadcast Transcripts
  • Blogs
  • All News

Selecting by Source Title lets you choose a specific newspaper or magazine for your search. Just start typing the title of the publication you want in the box. The auto-complete feature will will show you the sources that match your input. If your source is not found, that does not necessarily mean it is not in LexisNexis. To see a complete directory of sources, click the "Sources" link on the widget to go to the Source Directory. From here, you can search through our over 13,000 titles to find the exact one you need.

This widget runs a Natural Language search, so there is no need to use connectors such as "AND" and "OR" between words. You should phrases in quotation marks for best results. If you want to create a more precise search using a date restriction, Boolean Operators, or Scholastic Document Sections click the link provided at the bottom of the widget to navigate to the All News form.

[edit] Look up a Legal Case

This widget allows you to find a legal case by citation number or party name. If you are looking up a Landmark Supreme Court case, such as Roe v. Wade, you may want to use the link provided on the widget to navigate to the Landmark Cases search form.

Make sure when entering the legal citation that the format is correct. You will not get a search result if your legal citation is not formatted properly. For details, see the article on Legal Citation Formats

If you are entering a party name, it does not matter which side of the v. you enter the name on. Roe v. Wade will bring the same results as Wade v. Roe. You can also run a search on a single name if it unusual enough, for example "Plessy."

To search for cases related to a specific topic such as Civil Rights, try entering a word or phrase in the By Topic search box. You can connect terms with AND and OR for Boolean Searching. For more details and tips, see the article on Legal Topics Search

To search cases by legal topic, attorney, judge, etc, use the links provided on the widget to navigate to other legal search forms. These forms will allow you to do a more advanced search.

[edit] Get Company Info

The Get Company Info widget will find the Company Dossier of the company you input. The Company Dossier report will bring you back stock information, financials, headquarter info, a list of executives, reports of this company in the news and so much more. One Company Dossier report is like doing 70 different searches on 70 different topics.

To do more in-depth Business research, navigate to the "Companies" section on the leftnav bar or click on the "Company Dossier" link provided at the bottom of the widget.

[edit] Research People

The Research People widget will help you research public figures. Enter at least a last name in the input boxes provided.

If you wish to find general information about the public figure, select "Biographies" from the source drop-down box. However, to see recent news stories that include the person, select "Recent News Stories."

[edit] Look Up Congressional Bills

The Look Up Congressional Bills widget allows you to search for bills by Congress, number, or keyword. Select a Congress from the drop-down box and enter a number to be taken to a specific document. For a more general search, type in a keyword, like "Education."

[edit] Look Up State Bills

The Look Up State Bills widget allows you to search for bills by State, Session, number, or keyword. Select a state and session from the drop-down box and enter a number to be taken to a specific document. For a more general search, type in a keyword, like "Education."

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