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[edit] About the People Search Form

The People Search form is located in the Subject Areas section of LexisNexis Scholastic. This search form will help you accomplish tasks like:

  • Finding a Biography for a public figure
  • Searching the news for a particular person
  • Finding information about Congress members

[edit] Keywords

As you can see from the image to the right, this form requires you to input a last name. The last name input is a requirement so that you can get more precise results. If you know the first name, you may also type it into the box below the last name input. There is also a keyword search that will help you narrow your search result even further. The keyword search may help you differentiate between two public figures with the same name. For example, the name "Michael Jackson" is a fairly common name. If you are searching for the Michael Jackson of pop music, you may not need to input any more data. If you are searching the Michael Jackson of football, it might be a good idea to include "football" in the keyword search.

[edit] Search Source

On the People search form, simply click the check boxes of those sources you'd like to search.

Your other option is to use the "Edit in Power Search" link to navigate to the Power Search form. From there, you can add Boolean operators to your search. You can also search within document sections which will allow you to search by other popular sections.

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