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[edit] The New LexisNexis Scholastic

LexisNexis Scholastic
LexisNexis Scholastic

The Scholastic product has been redesigned and now includes much more content, as well many new features.

The interface was redesigned for the students to make a natural transition to college. The new interface is very similar to the LexisNexis Academic product, currently being used by colleges and universities across the United States.

[edit] Migrating to the new URL

For a limited time, you will have access to both Scholastic products. However, you must switch permanently to the new interface by October 31, 2010.

The new URL address is as follows:

The schedule retirement of the old Scholastic service ( is October 31, 2010.

[edit] Things to know about the new Scholastic

[edit] Content/Feature Functionality differences

  • Newly redesigned interface is modeled after what students currently use in colleges/universities currently, which produces natural transition.
  • A much more intuitive interface, providing ability to perform deep research or using easy functionality to run search by simply entering your topic
  • More content
    • Detailed company information, including company profiles. Over 43 million private and public companies are included.
    • News coverage has expanded to include all of our news sources. The current Scholastic only includes major papers, wires and transcripts
    • Legal content has expanded to include all state and federal caselaw. The current Scholastic only includes Supreme Court cases.
    • Landmark cases are easily viewed
    • Federal and State Statutes, Codes and Regulations
  • Finding and Browsing all sources included is much easier with the new interface.

For a complete listing of the content available, please visit our site at:

[edit] Statistical Content

Effective July 31, 2010, Statistical is being retired and removed from the LexisNexis service. The content, as you know it no longer exists. A new product has been created, called DataSets. A business decision was made to EXCLUDE the new Datasets into the new Scholastic product as it would have dramatically increased the cost. For more information regarding the new services, Statistical Insight and Statistical DataSets, please visit our website at

Your institution can purchase a standalone subscription to Datasets by contacting, Katie Culliton at 301 951 4629.

If your insitution has a subscription to Primary Sources in US History, you can still maintain that subscription. However, it will be billed separately at a different URL. (URL address: Again, Katie Culliton is the point of contact 301-951-4629.

[edit] Remote Users

For remote users, there will be two processes you can choose from:


There are NO options for ID/Password.

For technical assistance, please contact Customer Support.

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